Dr. Hightower delivers ‘stunning’ performance

Dr. Kristen Hightower sang at the Killenger auditorium Tuesday in a show earning her the praise of all who were in attendance.Approximately 100 students, staff, faculty and friends, attended the recital to watch Dr. Kristen Hightower sing soprano, and Jay Whitely accompany her on the piano.Dr. Kristen Hightower, Instructor of Voice, performed six different pieces in a variation of languages. She said that singing in different languages made the performance more exciting. “I chose the songs that appealed to me as well as the audience. I wanted to represent different languages in each piece such as English, Italian, French, and German,” Kristen Hightower said.Dr. Allen Hightower, Associate Professor of Music, watched calmly from the side as his wife performed. He said that he felt relaxed despite feeling nervous during some of her other performance. “I’m always nervous when she performs, but this time I was calm and relaxed because I new it was going to go well,” Allen Hightower said. “She did so splendidly because she brought such debt and variety of emotions that grows out of her understanding the text of her pieces.”Students were also able to feel the emotions projected by Dr. Hightower. Sophomore Santiago Carbajal said that she sang so beautifully that emotions were easily seen. “She was able to admit her emotions throughout the audience,” Carbajal said. “She made the audience feel what she was feeling.”As the performance ended, Hightower received a standing ovation where she had to return to stage three times to accept it. Jay Whatley, Assistant Professor of Music, said that the applause was something they both set out for. “We felt great because we felt like we accomplished what we set out to do,” Whatley said. “That was the type of response you want from an audience because by them clapping, it means they are thanking us for the performance.”Junior Tricia Itz said that there was only one word to describe Hightower’s performance. “Stunning would be the perfect word to describe that night,” Itz said. “Not only was she a great singer, she is also a great teacher whom I learned so much from.”Overall, Dr. Hightower was proud of her performance, and she was showered with flowers and praises during the reception held after the recital.”I was a wonderful night. I was so excited,” Hightower said. “I couldn’t be happier.”

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