New bookstore has students “busting” out their wallets

Bookstore prices used to be a common complaint among all students but are now slowly becoming a thing of the past thanks to the new student-owned bookstore Monopoly Busters. Despite being disliked by the university, the new student-owned and operated bookstore continues to rebel against the school bookstore and its high prices. Armed with only some basic tools like a calculator, computer and a credit card scanner, Monopoly Busters offers students the chance to purchase their books at prices dramatically lower than the campus bookstore and other competitors. I applaud Monopoly Busters, and I respect what the owner is trying to do. I think this is a wonderful and innovative idea because everyone on campus has complained at one time or another about the book prices at the infamous Barnes and Noble. The owner of Monopoly Busters heard these complaints and decided on his own free will to change the way things were being done. Instead of shelling out all of his cash, the owner of Monopoly Bookstores went directly to the publishing factories to get the books at prices the other chains receive them. Granted the new bookstore might not have the specific books you may need at that one particular moment, but waiting for those books to come has proved to be worth it. Some people might argue that the campus bookstore donates some of its proceeds back to the university and that is why the books are so expensive. Last time I checked, I was donating all of my money to the university in exchange for an education. Therefore, I do not believe the school store has to raise its prices in an effort to give back to our school.I also believe, given the amount of “buzz” from various students, that Monopoly Busters will continue to grow and put other local bookstores out of business. Monopoly Busters is a perfect example of cause and effect and proves that one person, given their amount of ambition, can make a difference.

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