Dear Editor,

I’ve been to several SGA meetings and its clear to me this organization is out of control. For instance, SGA officials, including current president Cartwright in her campaign, claimed that SHSU would have to have its name changed if SWT became Texas State because both schools are in the same university system.

I spoke out against SGA opposition to SWT at a past SGA meeting and I felt vidicated when I learned that SWT was able to change its name while SHSU kept its name.

After I expressed my protest, one senator talked of defending the honor of Sam Houston. That was his reasoning for getting involved in the affairs of another university despite the fact that SGA officals acknowledged to me that nothing in writing required SHSU to change its name under any circumstances!

Other SGA bodies have ignored the concerns of students by focusing on petty issues such as passing a bill expressing opposition toward the death penalty and the regulation of Homecoming elections. Its no wonder why administration does what they want when they want- like build buildings in the middle of parking lots!

I think that alumni need to assist disinfranchised students by cleaning house in the SGA. It is a piece of trash that brings shame to this university!

Matthew Barnebey, 2003BBA in Finance

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