Homecoming Week Bowling Night

This letter was sent to Program Council:

To whom it may concern:

I would just like to express my dissatisfaction with the way the Bowling Night on November 4th was planned and handled. Some more consideration should have been put into planning for all the people that showed up. There were well over 200 people that showed up and waited in line, but for at least a half hour prior to the doors opening, there were people cutting in line in front of people that had been waiting for over an hour. At one point while I was waiting in line, at least 20 people got in line in front of me and my friends. Numbered tickets should have been handed out as people arrived to ensure that the people waiting the longest would be guaranteed to get in the door. As a member of the Baptist Student Ministry, I came to support our ministry and help try and win money for our mission program. However, because people are dishonest and Program Council did nothing to stop them, I didn’t even get in the door at all. It is understandable that only 200 people can be in the building at one time. However, the people who showed up and waited for an hour outside should have been able to sign a list to get points for showing up, even if they didn’t get in. Program Council should take these things into serious consideration for next year’s events.

Thank you,Lia Merryman and Jessica James

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