In Memory of Paul Hernandez

The previous weekend a fellow bearkat past away tragically. He was a great friend to me, and I would like you to know a little about the Paul Hernandez that I knew. I met Paul in 1995 at our Marine Corps Reserve unit in Galveston. Over the years we have shared many experiences together, in the military and in life. We have floated the Guadalupe, been kicked out of a bar in Palm Springs, and spent countless hours lying in diesel fuel trying to fix amphibious tanks to name a few. His ability to approach or diffuse every situation with a joke and a smile pulled me through those six years in the reserves. I will always remember Paul as someone who loved life, knew how to have good time, and was always there for me when I needed him. His unselfish attitude with his own time and money helped lift many people up. I know he decided to return to school to pursue a business degree for his family and son as much as himself. Paul seemed to have an unlimited supply of energy. He would work 40hrs, attend classes, go to drill, and still find time for family and friends. Paul had a special spark about him that drew people to him. He was full of character from head-to-toe. I hope some of you at SHSU got a chance to know Paul like I did; my life is better for it. It deeply saddens me that he will not get chance to pursue his dreams, to see his son grow-up. I wish somehow that I could have been there for him to lean on like he was for me so many times.

Paul fell asleep driving to see his son early Sunday morning. He would take comfort in knowing that his story may cause fellow students to think twice before pushing themselves to the limit. I pray he is in a better place.

Nathan Davis, SHSU Alumni

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