Band ready for comeback

Kudos to Cody Stark for mentioning the change in atmosphere with the re-appearance of the Bearkat Basketball Band! The band has been longing to return to action in the Johnson Coliseum to support our men’s and women’s teams…and we appreciate the support from the students and fans.

The Baskteball Band has been making efforts to pump up the spirit in the stands through our music and our heckling and razzing of players from the opposing teams. Everyone should join in!

On a side note: The marching band only meets in the fall. We actually have a Basketball Band for men’s games and one for women’s games. The NCAA tends to limit the size of the band to about 30 members (due to travel restrictions during play-offs). While not a HUGE group, 30 is more than enough to get the job done. Thanks to the support of music students, the band is actually twice as large as it has been in the past.

However, we certainly appreciate someone taking notice of our effort. We hope to see MANY, MANY more Bearkat fans at the games to support our teams! Go Kats!

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