Wesley Foundation ‘cult’-ivates religious understanding with lectures

To open minds to the many religions of the world, the Methodist Student Center is hosting a series of lectures and discussions called “Cults and Religions” on Tuesdays at 6 p.m.

Students who are interested in learning about other faiths are encouraged to attend.

Each discussion will consist of lectures and activities on one religion. Religions and organizations such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism, the New Age Movement and Hare Krishnas will be discussed.

Various activities will also be implemented to give students a better understanding of the religions and how they relate to Christianity.

“‘Cults and Religions’ has helped me gain a better understanding of different religions and other faiths and what they believe while encouraging me in my faith,” student Danielle Bell said.

Rev. Max Adams, Methodist campus minister, believes that the series of discussions will help students not to judge or discriminate against people based on their religion. He said the program should help students learn to love others for their different beliefs.

“One of the things that comes out of it is we have a better understanding of other religions,” Adams said. “Part of this is to help students be more knowledgeable about the world around us.”

Students who attend will be able to express their views on the religion being discussed, as well as learn about its ideas and how it pertains to their own faith and beliefs.

“One of my favorite things this semester is the ‘Cults and Religions’ discussions because I feel it is very educational and teaches me about other religions,” student Derrick Shimek said.

The Methodist Student Center, sponsored by the United Methodist Church, is an organization of students who come together to discuss their faith and how it pertains to their everyday lives.

Students who are part of the organization said it has enriched their lives at SHSU. The organization is always welcoming new members.

“This is an excellent organization that has helped me grow in my faith,” member Matthew Smith said. “We encourage students to come by if they need a faith home at college.”

Other events the Methodist Student Center will be holding this semester include a food drive for the Good Shepherd Mission, a dog food drive for the Humane Society, a chili cook-off and a fun run.

The Methodist Student Center welcomes anyone who is interested to participate in any of the upcoming activities.

“Everyone here is open, accepting, and caring,” member BJ Allen said. “Anyone is accepted and anyone is welcome.

“This is a place where you are able to act like yourself and be yourself.”

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