Honors program provides social broadening, scholarship opportunities

SHSU has a wide variety of programs and organizations that are not utilized because most students do not know they are available. The Honors Program is one of those.

“Before I started working with Dr. Sanford, I had never heard of the Honors Program,” said Christy Cook, an SHSU senior who is currently doing public relations work for the program. “The Honors Program is an SHSU organization that provides scholarship opportunity as well as social and cultural broadening for academically motivated students.”

The Honors Program has many advantages for the students involved.

The honors curriculum incorporates special honors courses that provide more interaction between professors and students in a limited enrollment setting. Professors chosen by their colleagues for their exceptional teaching and research abilities teach the specialized courses.

Honors students also have access to an honors computer lab and seminar room and the opportunity to live in Spivey House, the honors residence hall on campus. Spivey House is designed and equipped for academically oriented students.

Another advantage of the program is that honors students can register for classes one week before all other students. Also financial support is available in the form of university and honors scholarships.

In the Honors Program, students associate with campus administrators, professors and other academically minded students.

“There are two ‘Pizza with Profs’ sessions per semester, an ice cream social in the spring, dinner with the president (of SHSU) in the fall, a small cultural outing in the fall and a large cultural outing in the spring,” Cook said.

Upon completion of the Honors Program, graduating students receive the distinction of graduating “With Honors” or “With Highest Honors.” They also receive a permanent notation on their SHSU transcript.

To be considered for admission to the Honors Program students must make a special application to the Honors Program Office. For incoming freshmen a composite ACT score of 27 or higher, or an SAT score of 1200 or higher, is required. Students can also gain consideration if they were in the top 10 percent of their graduating class.

For transfer or continuing students, eligibility is based upon a college cumulative grade point average of 3.4 or better.

“There are currently 160 students in the program,” Cook said.

Cook said admission is competitive and depends on the number of applications received each year.

Once accepted into the Honors Program, a student must maintain a 3.25 overall grade point average at SHSU in order to continue participation in the Honors Program.

According to Cook, the Honors Program is designed to attract competent and motivated students. The program’s goal is to create an intellectual and social atmosphere that encourages students to develop their potential in and out of the classroom.

The Honors Program also strives to create a community of scholars, where students interact and challenge each other in developing their abilities.

For more information about the Honors Program contact Glenn M. Sanford at sanford@shsu.edu or 294-1477 or Norma Buxkemper at scholarships@shsu.edu or 294-1672.

The Honors Program also has a Web site at http://www.honors.shsu.edu.

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