New reality TV show tests traditions

A new reality TV show hit the airways Monday night with a 2-hour premiere special and is already creating a controversy around the entertainment world.

“Married By America” was created by Fox and allows a nation-wide audience to decide the person the five contestants have to spend the rest of their lives with.

The contestant’s ages range from age 25 to 35, and just by looking at them, you wonder why they are not already married. All the contestants are relatively good looking and are fairly successful in every aspect of their life other than marriage.

Here’s a closer look at the featured singles in “Married By America.” Billie Jean, a blonde bombshell, is a 27-year-old artist currently residing in New York City. Stephen is a 35-year-old restaurateur who also lives in New York City. Jill, a brunette 25-year-old that resides in Holtsville, Long Island, is the announcer and hostess for the New York Islanders. The only other male on the show, Matt, works in the broadcast promotions field and is a 26-year-old living in Atlanta, Ga., The last female, Jennifer, also from Atlanta, is a 25-year-old blonde and is very successful in the real estate business.

This very aspect has critics everywhere wondering if this is an attempt to capitalize off of the “Joe Millionaire” fame by putting the show in the same timeslot, but doesn’t the whole premise of the show make you ask yourself, “What ever happened to true love?”

In a nation where arranged marriages are almost nonexistent and rarely forced upon young couples, how do we as a society condone such behavior being implemented into our minds? Would you let millions of people you will never meet pick the person you are supposed to spend the rest of your life with?

Almost every single person would say “no”, but there are always those crazy people who would do something that profound.

According to the show’s Web site, the singles in the show are quoted as being “successful in every aspect of their lives, except finding a mate by conventional means.”

Being single is one thing, but having my spouse picked by strangers is something totally off the wall.

Fox’s only attempt to make this show legit is allowing the contestant’s friends and family to analyze each of the potential partners by discussing their lives, interests and intentions to dwindle the pack. However, it’s the audience that gets to weigh in with the final vote.

Of course, with any reality show there are stipulations involved, and Fox did not hesitate to include plenty of motive changing prizes. The winners will receive a $100,000, a new sports car and, if they stay married, Fox will buy the couple a new house.

What if this couple eventually had children and their kids asked their parents how or why they were married? Stipulations and prizes such as these almost make the marriages unbelievable even if they decided to stay married.

In my opinion, there is almost no way the marriages on this show will work. First off, the couples will not have a chance to meet face-to-face until they are walking down the aisle. Second, how can you get married to someone you wouldn’t have the pleasure of simply hanging out with, let alone embarking on the strange odyssey that is a relationship?

The sad thing about this show is that it will probably be very popular and eventually spawn a sequel or two, because we as a society like to watch the weird and the bizarre. Our lives are too normal and lack the excitement we crave.

Fox’s new attempt to push the envelope went too far this time. There are only a few sacred things left in this world and marriage is one of them. Why would you honestly watch this show? Bad idea, bad concept and bad show!

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