If offended, don’t look at it

I consider myself a pretty open minded individual, and as a fairly artistically inclined person, I have to disagree with Ms. Jones.I do not see these photographs as pornography.

The two men are not having intercourse and they are not naked, which, the last time I checked were major requirements for pornography.While the two men are wearing thongs and being intimate, they are not doing anything nasty.

I am reminded of last semester when the pro-life group came to our campus.Their display consisted of 20-foot tall billboards depicting horendous photos of fetuses after different stages of an abortion.

Yes they did have warning signs 30 feet from the billboard, but I could see the billboard from the fountain.This made it hard for me to avoid looking at the photos, and believe me when I say that that is not something I want to see after my breakfast.

For many weeks after that display, people were writing in for and against that group.The best advice that came out of the whole mess was, if it offends you, then don’t look at it, which is what I ended up doing.

That pro-life group had every right to be here, as long as they followed the rules.It is a Constitutional amendment that we all have the right to free speech.

Art is another expression of speech.That photographer has every right to have his photographs up as long as they are displayed in the proper place. That proper place just happens to be that specific hall of the third floor of the Communications Building.

There aren’t any classrooms where those photos are displayed, only offices, so as students we don’t have to be on that side of the hall unless we choose to.This is college and we are all adults. So very simply Ms. Jones, if it offends you, then don’t look at it.

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