Resident pornographer thanks Ms. Jones

I would like to thank Tiffany Jones for her review of my “appalling” “pornography.” Her comments on my “sexually explicit, rated XXX material” only spread awareness.It is thanks to her that more people will see my work.

Maybe I should have hung pictures a few weeks prior with clothed models. I could then have rotated the pictures with models bearing more and more skin until I eventually displayed the final four.That way Ms. Jones would have her “subtle” change.

It saddens me to know my semi-clad body embarrasses you. God made me this way. I am beautiful.This is my choice of expression.If you really believe them to be explicit and XXX, then you need to refer to a dictionary for the true meaning of “explicit.”I would suggest also you find out what constitutes a XXX piece of porn. On the other hand, ignore thelast suggestion. You might not be able to handle it.

And as for the “sick and twisted” allowances made by “distinguished professors” of this campus, one should be so lucky to attend a university where students are encouraged to strive and grow artistically.

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