Student thinks of photographer as talented

I would like to respond to Tiffany Jones’s editorial on the subject of the “pornography” in the Dan Rather Building. While I believe that some extremely conservative people walking through the building on a “campus tour” should not be expected to see that and appreciate it, they also have the option of turning their heads and walking on past. Just like any current Sam Houston student has the option of doing. I’m guessing that Ms. Jones decided not to take the option of turning her head and walking past.

After I talked to some of my friends I decided to go and see what the fuss in the newspaper was all about. My first impression was astonishment at the content of the pictures. Then I took the time to look closely.

The photographer, Dan Andris, took the time to carefully chose his lighting so that there was a good contrast between light and dark. Looking closely, there are bracelets that show up on one of the man’s wrist in every picture, and in two of the pictures you can even see the pattern in which they were made, which shows finite detail. In every picture there is something hanging (similar to a cluster of grapes), and you can not see what they are hanging from, also another tiny detail that shows the photographer took special care in arranging the pictures.

The only picture that really had anything physically offensive or even close the pornography was the photo with the man’s “practically bare bottom aimed at the camera,” and for students at a university educating themselves for the real world, they should pay attention to the fact that there is diversity out there, whether or not they like it.

I believe that Mr. Andris’ photos show that he has mastered the art of photography and that his professors have taught him well. While many people who choose to go see the pictures because of their controversy, they should take the time to think through that the “distinguished professors of this campus allow that kind of garbage to be put on display!” I am only quoting Ms. Jones in my last sentence, because I absolutely do not believe the pictures are garbage.

Not only are they not garbage, I also believe that Mr. Andris took a chance by expressing what many people are afraid to, the love of another person. The males pictured had to have guts to be willing to show their love for people to decide if it is “right” or not. Even if it is not two lovers pictured, is represents that, and people who love each other should not be morally bashed for “such trash on display”.

On a personal note for the photographer, good job Dan.

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