Summer Jam’ brings various artists to Huntsville

Week in and week out, students complain about not having anything to do because of the lack of entertaining venues and artists that come in from other areas.

Obediah Productions, a new local production company, has been working constantly for the past few weeks to change this entertainment stereotype while putting together the first “Summer Jam”.

“Summer Jam” is a music festival that offers students a chance to see talented artists from Huntsville and surrounding areas, and is headed up by two SHSU students who can relate to what their peers really want to see.

Obediah Klopfenstein and Drew Hosseini developed the production company with one intention: to provide a breath of fresh air to the Huntsville nightlife and entertainment venues.

“This is going to be a non-stop music festival that will bring life to the lack of entertainment to Huntsville,” Klopfenstein said “We also want the talent we provide to get exposure and promote themselves in the process.”

“Summer Jam” plans to do just that by providing the audience with a wide variety of talented performers with some coming as far away as Dallas to do the show.

The doors will open at 7 p.m. with Choosing Sides, an alternative/rock band from Dallas that is said to sound like a mixture between Soundgarden and Bush, opening the show at 8 p.m.

The MC King G, who performed at the Sigma Chi “Fight Night”, will be teaming up with DJ Quick Mix for a performance. MC King G is currently working on an album with Frail Boy records.

Next in the line-up is an alternative/rock band from Houston called Creative Letdown. Creative Letdown has been blazing up the Houston club scene for some time now and plans on doing the same to Huntsville, according to Klopfenstein.

“This band is almost incomparable to other bands,” Klopfenstein said. “They have their own style that is plain amazing.”

From midnight until 2 a.m., several DJ’s, including DJ Sta-Lone, will be switching every 15 to 30 minutes to change the variety of music.

The festival will also include a wet T-shirt contest that will award the winner a $250 cash prize.

Obediah Productions is also giving back to the audience throughout the festival by giving away $500 in gift certificates from various local businesses, free CDs, and T-shirts.

The festival will be held on May 9 at the Richmond Hall, by the old movie theatre on the square.

Tickets are available from anybody wearing an Obediah Productions T-shirt and the owners are encouraging everybody to get their tickets soon.

“We are almost sold out of the pre-sale tickets,” Hosseini said. “Everybody should show up early if they want to get in.”

Tickets will be $10 at the door and $7 with the flyer that is available at various local establishments.

The event will be B.Y.O.B. until midnight and no glass bottles are allowed; so anyone wanting to bring liquor to the event will have to carry it in a plastic container.

More information on the event is available at

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