Why should I be scared already?

I’m not even close to graduating, yet I’m so freakin’ scared of it that every night, I stress myself out thinking about where I will end up.

The whole nice loft, nice car in the big city sounds great, but it’s the, “how am I going to get there?” question that leaves me pondering for answers.

I literally, only have seven more classes to take till graduation. The date is set for May 2004, but as time flies by this semester, I’m still left with no internship offers and a mother’s suggestion to just graduate early in the fall and skip the internship and instead look for a J-O-B during the spring semester.

I am so scared. Am I really ready to leave college? Am I really ready to leave the comfort zone I have been in for four years now? Sometimes, I think it would be nice to just bum another year off of mom and dad and stay in college one more semester or two, or three.

Other times, I can’t wait to get out and walk down the streets of New York all dolled up in my nifty suit and briefcase, working within a really cool environment.

I asked the question, “What’s you’re greastest fear about graduating?” for the Word on the Street, because I felt that not only was I dealing with this problem, but several other students I knew of, were too.

Every now and then when I find the time to go visit my friends, graduation always pops up. “What are you going to do when you graduate?” That’s the typical question that I hear or usually end up discussing.

My best friends are both leaving me to go to grad schools way out in B-F-E. Another close friend of mine, who is also my co-worker, admitted to me that she was almost scared of graduating and that she also didn’t know what she would do upon graduation.

Some students I know who are about to graduate are scared about leaving their friends and loved ones behind. It’s a scary thing leaving behind a world you’ve known for four or five years and then suddenly having to change it.

Sometimes I wonder if I truly will keep in touch with some of the friends who have kept me going here at Sam Houston State. Will 100 miles or more really put a strain on our friendship? I certainly hope not.

I know I’m not the only one out there with this problem, if you have a graduating story that you would like to share, please e-mail it to the viewpointseditor@hotmail.com.

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