SHSU provides variety of summer options

Every student weighs his or her options at the end of the semester – summer school or summer vacation? Before grabbing a surfboard and kissing a few more credit hours toward your degree goodbye, check out SHSU’s study abroad program this summer.

Each year SHSU offers many diverse courses from several areas of study in foreign countries. This year 12 schools at SHSU will be traveling to distant lands for school in the sun.

Puebla, Mexico is a traditional stop for students at SHSU. Courses in agriculture, art, business, economics, management, Spanish and photography will be taught there. The courses are taught by SHSU faculty members at the Iberoamericana Universidad campus.

“We have a long history with Puebla,” said professor Ed Blackburne, who will be teaching the business classes offered in Mexico this summer. “Recently it was rejuvenated and we’ve been going strong ever since.”

Students have the option of staying in a hotel or in a host home for the month long visit. The host homes are set up and reserved by Iberoamericana Universidad and encouraged as they give students a first hand experience with Mexico’s culture and language. The Holiday Inn at downtown Puebla, once a 19th century home, will be the accommodations for those opting to stay in a hotel.

Fees for the Puebla trip include a 27-night stay, airfare, transportation, seven field trips, facility access on campus at the Universidad, two outings with friends and many of the meals. Hotel accommodations cost $1,800, and host home accommodations cost $1,350. The price for room and board is in addition to SHSU tuition for classes taken.

“You will not be able to find a better study abroad program at this price at this university or at any other,” Blackburne said.

The criminal justice department at SHSU also has a study abroad program.

Criminal justice courses are available in any of the four countries the department travels to and will include coursework on foreign governments and their legal systems.

Vesna Markovic, a graduate student in charge of organizing the criminal justice study abroad program, said a lot of the education over the session is a historical perspective of that country’s government.

Spain is one of the four destinations for this year’s criminal justice program. Students will stay in the northeastern part of the country in Catalonia at the Police Academy of Catalonia. Field trips to the Supreme Court, smaller courts, police stations and Roca del Valles, a prison in Spain, are included in the trip. Students will also attend an international conference for two days and will have one free day to spend in Barcelona.

The criminal justice department is also offering a study abroad program to Poland. Students will stay 30 minutes from Warsaw at the Police Academy in Legionowo, which is the International Specialist Police Training Center. Curriculum will include lectures on the legal, police and government systems of Poland. During their stay, students will visit several police stations and headquarters, sightseeing in Warsaw, a tour the Auschwitz concentration camp, among many other planned activities.

Students will follow the history of the American government and court system through the criminal justice study abroad program in England this summer. Tours of working and historical prisons will be included in the trip, as well as a tour of the Tower of London, Newgate Prison, the Inns of Court, Parliament and the police academy at Bramshill. Participating students will also be able to sit in on public trials at the Old Bailey.

A high point of the trip to England is a tour of the Jack the Ripper murders, among other sites of famous English murders. With left over time, students are free to tour and visit places such as Greenwich, Salisbury and Stonehenge, along with any other landmarks along the way.

The final study abroad program for the criminal justice department is China. Students will stay in Shangahai, China’s most modern city. Coursework will focus on the Chinese government and history, and will come to life outside the classroom with tours of China’s prison facilities and courtrooms. Students will also travel to Beijing to see the historic Great Wall of China.

The cost of the study abroad programs through the criminal justice department includes local transportation and room and board. Tuition and airfare for the program are separate expenditures, and are the responsibility of the student.

Markovic said about 10 students go to each country from SHSU.

“We take recommendations (and) suggestions for future trips,” she said.

Other groups at SHSU will be making their way overseas for an exciting summer school trip. The political science, speech communications and sociology departments will each be heading to Italy this summer.

The courses will be taught near Tuscany in the Lunigiana area. Students in Italy arrive at the hotel in Pontremoli, Tuscany and attend classes at the 13th century Piagnaro Castle there. Several trips are planned during the stay in Italy and include places such as Milan, Venice, Florence and Pisa.

The cost for the trip is $3,990, and includes airfare, hotel accommodations and meals. Tuition for courses taken is separate.

Many other schools of learning at SHSU will be traveling this summer as well. The English department is going to Ireland, history will go to China and England and library science will also have a study abroad program in England this summer.

Financial aid is available for tuition for the study abroad programs, since tuition pays for the SHSU courses offered. Various scholarships are available through SHSU and many programs outside of SHSU. A list of lenders and scholarship programs is available through links on the international students Web site, as well as the application for the study abroad programs offered.

Students are encouraged to pack lightly for their programs, and to remember that there are now strict guidelines as to what can be brought on an airplane (no nail clippers, razors, scissors, etc.). Professional clothing is also encouraged because students will be making international contacts and visiting professional businesses during their stay.

For more information regarding SHSU’s study abroad programs, go to the Web site, or contact your major’s department to see where you could be headed this summer.

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