Super’ speech to broadcast across U.S.

Internationally known motivational speaker Gary Cohen will give a presentation entitled “Superhero” in the auditorium of the George J. Beto Criminal Justice Center April 15 at 5:45 p.m. During the presentation, Cohen will take students through a process that will show them how to tap into their potential and discover their greatest strengths, gifts and talents.

The Society of Success and Leadership will host the event, and it will be broadcast live via satellite to over 50 universities across the United States. The event is free, and it is open to all students, faculty, staff and members of the Huntsville community.

In less than two hours, Cohen will present topics such as, “Discovering your Kryptonite”, “Learning the Secrets of Unstoppable People”, “Super Fueling Your Talents”, “Experiencing Total Freedom” and “Turning Fear into Power.”

Cohen began his professional speaking career in 1990, and according to his bio,

“Gary Cohen blends humor, personal interaction, multimedia, stories, and magic into his programs as he shares with students cutting edge information on maximizing time and enhancing their ability to learn,” his bio said. “Through these presentations, he teaches students how to increase their reading speed and concentration, as well as how to improve their memory. Cohen speaks at campus-wide events, just before finals or midterms, leadership retreats, and orientations.”

Cohen has given lectures at Harvard, Cornell, MIT and Washington State University. Cohen has also led well-long intensive motivational retreats and camps for the Learning Forum Organization. This attracted international attention, and although he primarily tours the United States, he was requested to give a presentation in Singapore.

Cohen has also worked with many renowned speakers, and is known as the most highly trained speaker for the Society of Success and Leadership. He has also co-facilitated over 35 high-level ropes courses around the world.

Cohen is also an internationally known filmmaker, and he has been honored at over 23 international film festivals. He has also been recognized for his films at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, and is a published poet.

According to his bio, Cohen’s “Superhero” presentation is one of his most powerful to date.

“His (Cohen’s) most recent presentation ‘Superhero’ is the exciting apex of all his experience, knowledge and skill. Gary makes use of some of the most powerful technology on the planet for education, growth and the pursuit of an extraordinary life. Gary Cohen is easy to host and a to show.”

According to promotional material distributed by the Society of Success and Leadership, “Gary Cohen has tapped the source of the superhero mind, and he will have your students ready to take on their lives in a way they never thought possible. Gary uses his superpowers to render audiences awestruck and amazed by their own hidden potential.

“With his natural enthusiasm and playful ability to interact with the audience, he truly understands what is important to students today.”

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