Groups on display at organizations fair

Student Activities will host the Administrators and Organizations Fair in the LSC Mall area on Wednesday, Sept. 10th. Smaller than Passport to Sam, the Organizations Fair will show 15 to 25 different organizations. Here, students will have a chance to find out what they are interested in and get involved with one of the organizations.Candi Rivers, lead of student activities, said that this is a chance for students to find what they like and get involved. “Students will have a chance to find an organization to get involved with and gain a total experience of college life,” Rivers said. Administrators on campus will serve lunch to students in the mall area. Students with a meal plan will be able to get a free lunch and students without a meal plan will pay $5. “This is a chance for the students to get to know some of the administrators as they get their hands dirty by serving them lunch,” Rivers said.Recreational sports will also join the Organizations Fair by hosting Club Sports Fest. Megan Thomas, graduate assistant of club sports, said that this event will give club sports a chance to showcase themselves.”This is a big event for us to promote, recruit and to get our name out to the students,” Thomas said.About 15 club sports will be represented and there will be chances for students to win prizes, T-shirts, and koozies. Racquetball, hockey, badminton and football are just a few sports that will be showcased.Amy Swingle, assistant director of recreational sports, said that students could see each club sport that interests them and sign up.”We have a wide range of sports and no experience is necessary to join,” Swingle said.Students can visit each tent and sign up for any club sport that they would like to become a part of.”Recreational sports is proud to have club sports, and we hope this will keep the program going as well as give students a chance to compete and represent Sam,” Swingle said.For more information, contact Student Activities at 294-FUN1.

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