Hair Today , Hair Tomorrow

While some think SHSU is the only school in Huntsville that offers higher knowledge, they are misinformed and Sebring Career School begs to differ.

Located at 2212 Ave I, this school gives students a chance to embark upon the world of cosmetology.

“We give the students a chance to apply themselves, make a living and to be independent,” said Joe Taylor, Sebring Career School Financial Aid Director.

The career school of Huntsville hosted its 35th Hair Show Competition yesterday, to the theme of “Exotic Fantasy Hair. “It was a complete success,” said Taylor.

The “2003 Exotic Fantasy Hair Show,” was comprised of students from the Sebring School in Huntsville and Houston. There where 15 contestants in the Hair Show, being judged on the three categories of hair style, make-up and costume.

Student Lawrence Granville, placed first in the competition. “It gave me a lot of confidence,” said Granville. “When I first came to the school, I was just coming to learn how to cut hair. Since the competition I learned that I have a lot more opportunities than just cutting hair.”

The prizes for the competition included, blow dryers, curling irons, cutting capes, hair styling products, combs, brushes, nail products and cosmetology industry supplies.

“The contest would not have been such a success without our gracious sponsors, Redken, Texas American Supply, and Armstrong,” said Taylor.

“We try to instill in the students when they first come in, as an individual they need to be totally independent,” said Taylor.

There are some students that come into the program with a lot of negative things going on in their life, said Taylor. “We try to take those negative factors out and instill positive ones.”

Reese Moore is the owner and founder of the family owned and operated career school.

There is one school located in Huntsville and multiple locations in Houston. “Anyone who is 17 years or older is eligible to attend the school,” said Taylor.

“Pell Grants, Texas Rehabilitation Committee and in-school scholarships are available if help with tuition is needed.”

The Sebring School makes sure their hairstyles and cuts are reasonably priced in the school’s salon during everyday operational hours.

“Anything you can have done in a salon, you can have done here at a cheaper price,” said Taylor. Prices for haircuts $5 for men, $6 for women, and $4 for senior citizens. There are about 40 student stylists on duty, Tuesday thru Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The phone number is 291-6299.

A large number of students (about 83 percent), from the Sebring cosmetology program go on to work in salons, and about 14 percent go on to own their own establishments after they graduate.

The school has a 99.8 percent rate, of students who pass the state board the first time they go.

“I’m looking forward to working at a salon,” said student, Yolanda Griffin.

Another student that is eager to use the knowledge she received from the Sebring School is Donna Rodgers. She is in the process of opening up a beauty salon in Huntsville, called “Sister 2 Sister.”

The salon will be located on 123 Ave. M, and it will cater to all different styles of hair types.

“Our success comes from their success,” said Nikki Taylor, Dean of Instructor.

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