Keep up the good work

I think the Houstonian is doing a great job regardless of what the complainers on the SHSU Bulletin Board say. What do you people want, a hard hitting story of what; how little children in third-world countries are starving and dying everyday? This is the school newspaper, not the Houston Chronicle. I’m glad that the Houstonian tries to keep stories related to SHSU and even if they are not “hard hitting” doesn’t mean that they are not interesting. Students seem to think that they can just complain and do nothing about it.Maybe at that “SGA meeting where people do not want to have an open forum for students,” as Mr. Hanson said in Tuesday’s paper, could be used to complain usefully. I’m glad that Mr. Hanson assumed that because he doesn’t want an open forum for students, that no one does. I was having trouble making that decision for myself. Another thing I am sick of hearing on this campus is how bad Sam Houston State University is. I always hear complaining about how the status of SHSU doesn’t meet that of UT or A&M or any other well known college. Don’t go here. Go to the school that you think is “prestigious” enough for you. I love this campus, the faculty is friendly (in most cases) and my fellow students here are mostly all good people. I do admit that one flaw at this campus, is that the students do not get involved enough. It’s hard, especially when this is a suitcase town, but I think that if everyone made a stronger effort, this campus would become a greater institution than it all ready is. College is not just about getting a degree, it’s more about getting experience in the real world. I commend the staff at the Houstonian and hope that they continue the hard work put into every newspaper, so that I will have something interesting to read, regardless if I think it’s important or not. I just wanted to let you all know that, even though they are the complainers out there, that there are some of us that appreciate the dedication that you all show to this school and its students, even if they are ungrateful.

Letter to the EditorPhilip Livanec

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