Men and women treated unequally

In our society today the separation of the genders has all but gone away. I too was a believer and somewhat optimistic in my thinking that men and women that work together in any setting could somehow actually work together. Unfortunately, this is not the case, which I have discovered during my time at Sam Houston. That was mostly fault on my part, but given incidents that have happened during my time at Sam, I have seen the light and come to realize that women will be women and men, as hard as they might try, will always be excluded from any group that has a female as its ring leader. The establishment of the line between the male and female can lead to such things as someone who is highly unstable, another who is highly paranoid and, lastly, one who won’t listen. This separation makes it impossible for the community for which you are a part of to respect, trust or for the most part communicate with you because they see the division and isolation that is brought upon the two groups. This then personifies the hidden and bitter sentiment that the females have towards the males and vice versa. Why does this separation between the genders exist? I could speculate, but I will refrain because I feel as though my opinion can’t truly be unbiased, and it would be unfair of me to state my opinion it not being so. I will say that the key component that allows this separation has to come from the people in charge. The individual, however, low on the totem pole they may be cannot dissolve the issue of gender separation if the one in charge is the cause or simply allows it to continue and multiply until it’s too late, and the situation has already exploded beyond the point of no return. I try my hardest to get along with the people I’m around, and all I can do is try. I don’t wish to offend anyone by the statements I have made, but if I do, you’ll live. This was a big enough issue for me to feel as though I should write about it. This how I deal with the problem, and hopefully it will help others deal with their dilemma as well.

Letter to the EditorJustin Degrate

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