Get ready for an Orange Attack! Sam Houston pride and spirit is about to raid the SHSU campus, so strap on your most flamboyant orange gear and head to the fountain on Monday.

Students should look foward to Orange Attack as an exciting event and do their part to help boost school spirit.

For all of those students who are unsure about attending the event, try not to think of your annoying daily obligations such as tests, homework or jobs. Make an effort to focus on something that makes your time at SHSU worthwhile. So go home and grab your brightest orange t-shirt (you know you have one), and come make the best of your time at SHSU by showing your school spirit.

Orange Attack is only the beginning of SHSU’s mission, Operation Orange. Operation Orange is a week long array of events that urges students to focus on the SFA game. Orange Attack is the largest school spirit event in the history of SHSU. The university has had events similar to the Orange Attack in the past but usually on a smaller scale.

“Cheerleaders and orange pride would do cheers before called ‘Kat Kalls’ and dance in locations that are set, like little pep rallies. There will be one next week,” Brandon Cooper, student coordinator in the office of student activities said.

Sponsors of this event, the Office of the President, Vice President for Student services, office of student activities, and program council have come together to give SHSU a boost of school spirit and enthusiasm.

Students must convene by the alumni fountain where SHSU athletic teams, cheerleaders, Orange Pride, mascots, president of SHSU, Dr. Gaertner, Dr. Douglas, vice president of student services and the SHSU band will be present. The SHSU band will perform and lead the students in a march to the coliseum where a grand pep rally will be held.

Upon arrival at the coliseum, Gaertner, Douglas, and Bobby Williams, athletic director for SHSU, will speak. The Orange Pride Dance Team will perform and the cheerleaders will lead the crowd in a few cheers. The SHSU band will play music at the event. Orange Attack will last approximately one hour, and Gaertner has asked all university offices to shut down and participate.

The pep rally will offer free giveaways such as T-shirts and prizes for the most school spirit. A prize of $250 will be awarded to the most spirited organization, and $150 for the second most spirited organization. Cooper said every organization is “strongly encouraged” to attend.

Monday at 11:30 a.m., whether you have to drag yourself out of bed, out of class, or out of whatever you do, make sure you come join in on the exciting festivities. A little SHSU school spirit never hurt anyone, except maybe this year it will be SFA!

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