The Bearkat OneCard Mini-Essay

Every student should have recently received an e-mail inviting them to take place in a mini-essay competition on the topic “How I use my OneCard”. I, with a little help from my friends, would like to share my response with your readers.

“How I use My Bearkat OneCard” By: Kimberly Clinkenbeard and friends

My Bearkat OneCard turned out to be totally useless as a bankcard, so I’ve found some other wonderful uses. First, I used it as a coaster. Then as a smooth edge for applying tube and tile caulk, to check the gap in my spark plugs, or for scraping gum of my tile floors. I unlocked my door with it when I forgot my keys. I used it to spread peanut butter on toast. I used an orange piece in a mosaic. I propped one leg of a wobbly table with it and squashed bugs with it. It made a wonderful bookmark! I used another piece to patch a hole in the sole of my shoes. I had intended to use it to scrap ice of my windows this winter, but alas… in the end; the new SHSU goat loved the taste of it.

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