UPD escorts students

Most students think that the only service the University Police Department gives to the SHSU student body are tickets. According to Lt. Derrick Crist of the University Police Department, UPD tries to help students the best way they can.

UPD has provided a student escort service since 1989, to anyone between the hours of 7 a.m. to 2 a.m. The question on everyone’s mind is: Why does the escort service end at 2 a.m. when AB1 is a 24-hour computer lab? Lt. Crist said, “The campus is secured 24 hours a day, 7 days week.”

If a person needed assistance or an escort to their dorm or car after 2 a.m., a UPD officer would come to your aid. The campus foot patrol has six to eight patrols, patrolling different parts of the campus.

The University Police Department also has an estimated of 10 call boxes located around campus. Call boxes are located in every large parking lot, along with the Lowman Student Center mall area, the TEC, Pritchett Field and White Hall. By hitting the call button, UPD knows exactly what station a person is at and can hear all of the noise in the background.

If a student was being attacked, by pressing the call button UPD can respond immediately. Lt. Crist said it would take no time for them to respond. He estimated a couple of seconds to a minute for UPD or the foot patrol to respond.

Since the incident at the coliseum, Crist said the call center service has gone up a great deal.

There are really no qualifications for someone who would like to be a part of the foot patrol, all they have to do is apply at UPD and be an SHSU student.

Officers of the University Police Department also do community policing by being speakers at programs sponsored by student organizations, free of charge.

The topics that they have spoken on are reminding student to properly secure their vehicles to prevent from break-ins, campus safety, self-defense and sexual assault.

Along with being informative speaker at programs and securing the campus, UPD also is able to help if a person locks their keys in the car by calling a locksmith or wrecker service. If a student’s car battery dies, UPD has booster packs, where they can give you a boost along with taking you to the gas station if you run of gas.

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