Parking Garage….

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter in order to ask some basic questions regarding the new parking garage. First of all, I do understand why they built it and I have no problems with the school spending that much money.

I was walking by the new sign on Avenue J and noticed that you can only pay by credit or a debit card. What happens if you don’t have such. I think that taking cash would probally be the best way to make money, since most college students who park in the garage will have some cash put away for parking. It also says that you can use your Bearkat One card. The school is just pressuring us too much in using the card. It is obvious that the school is trying to help students along to credit card debt.

Secondly, I was walking by the front entrance of the garage and noticed a maximum height sign. That is great that there is one, but really, who knows if their car is 98 inches tall. I personally have no idea how many inches tall mine is. Would you want to sit behind someone that happen to have a van that is taller than 98 inches? I would spend an extra hundred or two hundred dollars and paint 6 feet instead of inches. Also, the exits are completly automatic. What is going to happen when there are problems getting out of the garage? Will there be someone their to help poor soles get out?

Those are my questions and complaints with the new garage. I think they could of spent the money on something other than a garage. I would support the idea of a commuter parking lot with bus. That would also help eliviate traffic on campus and make it safer for pedestrians to walk.

sincerely,Chris Johnson

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