Freshman Forum set for Wednesday

Freshmen come to college with questions regarding professors, campus organizations and other various topics. These and other inquiries will be adressed at the “Freshman Forum,” this Wednesday in LSC room 320 from 5 to 7p.m.

“We want to get the questions answered that the students have about faculty and give them an awareness of the campus,” said Chanteau Garrett, president of freshmen interns. The Forum started about two years ago and is being sponsored this year by the “Freshmen Interns” and the SGA.

Freshmen Interns is a separate entity inside the SGA that encourages freshmen to become “leaders around campus” and get involved in student government. The forum is designed to focus on the freshmen who are the “shy-quiet type,” and those who don’t know a lot of information about our campus. “A lot of freshmen are not involved and have no school spirit,” said Garrett.

The forum will have a panel composed of different faculty members from an array of departments around campus. The students will be able to ask questions to any of the distinguished guests during the event. There will be free food, refreshments and door prizes during the forum. “We do not want it to be boring,” Garrett said.

Speakers from Residence Life, Library Science, Barnes and Noble Bookstore, Cashier Office, Bearkat Onecard, Admissions and the registration office will also be there to inform the students of the different programs and services they offer.

As a freshman herself, Gareett knows the concerns that a lot of new SHSU students go through in their first year here. “During my first weekend in Huntsville, I found that the whole city seemed to become empty,” said Garrett. “At that moment I decided that I was going to get more involved around campus.”

The fashion design major was voted into the position by other freshmen because of her enthusiasm towards college life. “I love clothes, and I enjoy being involved in a lot of activities,” said Garrett. After the Freshmen Forum, the next big event for the Freshmen Interns is designing a float for the Homecoming Parade.

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