CJ Fraternity helps members make connections

“It’s a great place to meet people, to get to know your professors and to make connections with people in your field,” said Laura Goldbeck, president of the Delta Chi Chapter of the Lambda Alpha Epsilon fraternity. Lambda Alpha Epsilon is part of the American Criminal Justice Association.The fraternity was first formed in 1937 in Hayward, Calif. It wasn’t until 1969 that the Delta Chi Chapter was first formed on the SHSU campus. Now, with 52 active members and 36 pledges, Lambda Epsilon is the place to be for those involved in criminal justice at Sam. “Our main goal is to provide educational information about criminal justice and to foster professionalism within our field and to keep on top of current issues,” said Goldbeck. “We are accomplishing this goal by getting job information from local agencies and by having guest speakers come.”To gain membership, students must have either a major or minor in criminal justice and a 2.0 overall GPA and a 2.5 overall GPA on criminal justice classes. And though it is strictly an academic fraternity, Goldbeck said that there is still a very diverse demographic that populates the group.”What differentiates us (from other fraternities) is that we are a very large group of very diverse people,” said Goldbeck. “We are very close knit people coming together with a common interest.”Goldbeck said that her time in Lambda Alpha Epsilon has been quite beneficial to her.”I’ve met a whole lot of people, I’ve gotten to know my professors more and I’ve made a lot of contacts for jobs once I get out of school,” said Goldbeck.Likewise, Amber Dunn, the fraternity’s current sergeant-at-arms, acknowledged the fraternity’s positive impact on her.”I’ve met some great people, and I’ve had a great experience learning more about the justice system. I’ve also made some good connections with federal and law enforcement agencies,” said Dunn.On Oct. 2-5 the Delta Chi Chapter attended the American Criminal Justice Association Regional competition in San Marcos where they competed against six other schools and acquired over 31 trophies in various events such as Crime Scene Investigation, Firearms and various knowledge tests. Such a large number of trophies earned them the award of Top Chapter Sweepstakes. “Everyone did a great job, and we worked really hard to get to that point,” said Dunn. “Everyone has worked really hard to get the organization to the point that it is now.” Delta Chi Chapter is now eligible to participate in the National competition in Sacramento, Calif., this coming March.Pledges are accepted every semester and anyone interested in learning more about the organization should contact Dr. Mitchell Roth at 294-1649.

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