Hooray for Video Games!!!

A Sam Houston State University business student has become the newest cheerleader for a popular baseball video game. Senior Amanda M. Gilbert was one of two cheerleaders selected from more than 15,000 video entries sent in for a contest from Midway Games and will appear as a cheerleader in Midway Sports’ “MLB SlugFest.”

Gilbert, a former high school baseball trainer, learned of the contest from a newspaper article and made a video on an empty baseball diamond while talking about how she could help Midway get fans into their virtual ballpark stands. She used her knowledge of baseball to craft her winning and humourous message by using skills that she learned in her classes in marketing taken at Sam Houston State’s College of Business Administration. She became one of 25 semi-finalists who went to Florida and competed in a live competition. Centerfielder for the St. Louis Cardinals, Jim Edmonds, was among the baseball player judges, who is featured on the cover of MLB SlugFest’ 04. Talent scouts narrowed the field to five finalists.

The contest was online over a span of three weeks. Fans of Slugfest went and casted their ballots. For winning, Gilbert, the 1999 Miss Tomball, received $5000, a spot on the company’s cheerleader calendar and she will also travel and take part in events across the country for Midway.

Gilbert intends to use her prize money to complete her education at Sam Houston State and plans to eventually pursue a full-time marketing position with Midway.

And Midway is pleased to feature Gilbert in its upcoming games.

“Fans rallied around this unique promotion,” said Midway Vice President for Marketing Helene Sheeler in a press release from Midway’s website.

“We are excited to feature women in our games that have been selected by Midway Sports fans,” said Sheeler.

Comment from Ms. Gilbert and officials for the College of Business Administration were not available at press time.

For more information on MLB SlugFest visit Midway’s website at http://www.midway.com. The 2004 edition is available now for the Game Boy Advance, Playstation 2, Nintendo Game Cube and Xbox platforms.

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