LSC expensive, but necessary

I am replying to the letter a few weeks ago regarding the high prices found at the Paw Print. In my opinion, we do not have sufficient knowledge or information to be able to make a claim as such. For example, we do not know if Sam owns the fast food places or if they rent out the space to whoever owns that franchise. If they rent it out, then Sam could charge such an outrageously high price that they must charge higher prices to be able to afford the rent. As a business man myself (and student), I understand that the food industry has an extraordinary amount of overhead, especially full service restaurants. What should come into play is the service fees the students are charged for the LSC building. I would like to know where exactly those funds are going, as most of the items that are now available in the LSC, costs money to the students (the game room). I assumed the fees we were charged for the LSC, should cover the reconstruction & the current facilities expenses. I felt disappointed when I came to Sam to find out that what they replaced in the LSC wasn’t replaced with something for free. Granted, in this situation there is lack of information too as we don’t know if the reason they charge a fee to play the games could be to encourage the students to take care of what is available. Back to the subject on the food, it could be Sam’s fault for all we know or they could possibly have control on what is charged to the students. I personally never go there as I do not feel that type of food is worth the prices they are charging. If I want to pay those prices, I would rather go to a restaurant where the food is better. For example, TW Steakhouse has lunch specials starting at $3.99. Granted, the point of the Paw Print is to be convenient for the students while on campus. Instead I walk across the street to places such as Wendy’s, where the prices are more closer to the value of the actual food, or I bring my own. When it comes to the school’s budget, students do not know what kind of waste exists in the budget itself and if there is any that could be fixed to substitute students’ concerns such as this one.

Letter to the EditorCurtis Stevens

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