Lunchtime Learning’ adds exercise to inactive daily routine

The Wellness program from the recreational sports department is offering “Lunchtime Learning” on Oct. 21 through Nov. 25.”The purpose of this program is to inform others how to add activity and exercise into their lives” said wellness director Tina DeAses.”Lunchtime Learning” will include topics such as: fitness assessment, nutrition, goal setting, muscular strength and endurance as well as cardio endurance information. Each topic will bee discussed and examined at the start of each course and will then be followed with an exercise program. “We hope to distribute all the fitness information necessary for the participants to begin their own exercise program and succeed” DeAses said.The “Lunchtime Learning” program is targeted to anyone who is in need of more physical fitness information to meet their desired goal. “We strive to lower the United States’ obesity rating, and we will do it one person at a time” DeAses said.The wellness program also provides personal training and group fitness classes. This program is centered around six wellness components which include emotional, intellectual, physical, social, spiritual and vocational well-being. “We host programs ranging from blood drives, yogassentials, finals relief and our 1st annual ‘turkey trot’ prediction run/ walk” DeAses said.DeAses also added, “in activity is a large reason for adult and childhood obesity ratings rising the way that they have. We strive to teach people there is no magic pill or machine. It just takes sweating a little, eating right and setting realistic goals. It is not common for people to just ‘have’ time for working out; some people make healthy living a priority and ‘make’ time to work out.”Other special event coming this semester include: Recreational Sports Raven Run, Blood Drive, Great American Smoke Out,”Turkey Trot,” World AIDS Day, Fitbucks ends and Finals Relief.For more information about any special events, or programs call Tina DeAses at (936) 294-1985.

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