who am I 10/23

My name is Brad Martin, I am an Alumni from SamHouston State. Today, I came across a copy of theHoustonian, and found, what I hope is not a generalexample of the students at Sam Houston.

The “who am I” was disappointing. Two answers come tomind,,,”hoes” as a guilty pleasure, and as a “goal” “turning a hoe into a housewife”. I would have hopedthat Sam and Delta Tau Delta would not have this guyas an example of their organizations.

Not only does he show a lack of maturity, but a greatlack of respect for the opposite sex.

I am to believe that the editor could not find anotherperson who would have given a better example of thestudent body, that is sad.

As a graduate of Sam Houston, I project a positiveimage of the university everyday, and with thisarticle, that image could be damaged. When Igraduated, I left Sam a better place to learn and growas a person. I am saddened to find out that it hasnot improved since, perhaps downgraded.

Brad MartinSHSU ’99

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