Local businesses not fun for students

I got frustrated with the article in Thursday’s newspaper about the new businesses growing around Huntsville. The owners of businesses complain that students go home all the time on the weekends. I think it is quite obvious to say that we are college students; we don’t have a lot of money to spend. People do not have the kind of money to go out on the weekends and some nights during the week.All of these new restaurants are going to open soon, but did it ever occur to anyone that maybe college students want something else to do besides going out to eat? Besides the movie theater, the few clubs, and Wal-Mart, there really aren’t any entertaining places to hang out at. Why not build an arcade, putt-putt golf, or laser tag? THAT is what will make students stay; not more restaurants. Restaurants are fun for about an hour, but sitting around for that long can get kind of boring. For those who can go out and drink, I’m sure that you can handle hanging out at a restaurant for a couple of hours, but there are a ton of students who cannot drink yet. Businesses also need to recognize that there are a lot of younger people in Huntsville, like the high school students, who would also appreciate some form of entertainment.So, for those entrepreneurs who want to have a business that appeals to the students, stop building restaurants and build some place fun!

Letter to the EditorRebecca Simmons

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