Redneck superhero of comedy’ to perform slam poetry

James Carney, known as the Red Neck Super Hero of comedy, will be performing at Program Council and the Poet’s Lounge Slam Poetry Night. Carney will be performing at SHSU on Oct. 29 in the Lowman Student Center Ballroom at 7 p.m.

According to his biography, Carney is a charismatic performer who has appeared at colleges, youth centers and high schools across the country. Most recently he made a memorable appearance on HBO’s “Russell Simmons presents Def Poetry.”

“Slam Poetry Night is a chance to experience a form of entertainment that is not necessarily often found in Huntsville. Carney is really amazing; he puts a lot of emotion and feelings into each performance,” said Rachel Young, chair of Carney’s Slam Poetry Night.

Carney has emerged as one of the brightest most insightful performance poets in the nation. Drawing on his life experiences, he is able to mold truth from a collage of images, which he weaves in front of the listener with tactical precision, and the conviction of a fire and brimstone revivalist preacher.

Through workshops and poetry, Jason teaches a lesson of tolerance and respect for fellow man, regardless of race, gender and sexual preference.

In his latest collection of poetry, “Flesh the Only Lucid Language,” published by Fiftyoarsmen, Carney embraces his role as poet laureate for the trailer park and finds treasure where once was only trash. He pays homage to the richness of his southern heritage without turning his head from its darker inheritance and in doing so manages to transcend stereotypes.

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