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a few weeks ago, i read a statement by some student that complained about how all the teams at sah houston seem to be losing. this student was refering to the football team, the soccer team, and the volleyball team. but for the record, there are some teams that are doing well, but no one knows about that because the paper never comments on these teams. the sam houston cross country team is one of the best teams in the conference. in fact they got second place last year, and are looking to have a really close competition with sfa at the conference championship meet. 2 weeks ago, sam houston hosted a home cross country meet that our team won, and we also had the top three runners in the race. very rarely will you ever see that at a meet. but the following week, there was no write up at all about the cross country team in the school paper. the golf team has also been given the cold shoulder and has been ignored by the paper. a few weeks ago, sfa hosted a tournament and the overall male winner just happened to be a bearkat. the womens golf team has also place 2nd teamwise at 2 different tournaments. i think that your sports writers should stop writing page long articles over the football teams latest defeat and cover all the sports that we compete in

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