A totally different experience

Last Saturday night I made the reasonable trip down to Lake Charles to watch the Kats play the No. 1 McNeese State Cowboys. All I kept hearing about was how seriously McNeese fans take their football and that the tailgate parties were legendary.

As I stood on the sidelines during the game, I realized that the rumors were indeed true and let me tell you there is nothing like 20,000 drunk Louisiana folks yelling and screaming from the stands.

The one person that really sticks out in my mind was a little girl who couldn’t have been more than 10 years old. She steadily harassed our players, cheerleaders and anyone who looked like they were a Sam supporter. She dropped the f-bomb more times than a Chris Rock HBO special. Her parents must be so proud of her. Wait, what am I thinking? They were probably hoping that she would just stay sober enough to drive them home after the game.

The game went back and forth and I never wanted Sam to beat a team so badly. The unruly fans became very annoying, especially mixed with this horrible fight song that McNeese’s band kept on playing.

They only bad part about the game was the last touchdown that McNeese scored. After Sam was stopped on a fourth and goal, the Cowboys went on a 16-play, 80 yard drive that resulted in a two yard Vic King touchdown run with 34 seconds left in the game. There were two plays in that drive that for me ruined what could have been an outstanding football game.

The first play was a fake field goal pass on fourth down from the 19 yard line. The Cowboys were up 12 points and there was only 49 seconds left on the clock. Barring a miracle, the game is over, and a field goal would have put the nail in the coffin. Anyway, after the fake, I was thinking okay-now they will just kneel out the clock because we have no more time outs. Boy, was I wrong. They brought in King and went for the score.

The shady thing about that touchdown was the fact that they had their backups in the whole drive and now they bring in the starter to pad his stats. It is not a big deal if they let the backups get some experience, but their starter?

The Kats kept fighting and clawing their way within striking distance and even though they came up short in the end, they have nothing to be sad about. They had the number one team in the country on the ropes and they made it a ball game.

After the game, I never felt prouder to be a Sam Houston State Bearkat. I want to thank the team for a classy showing and never giving up. Just remember that there is a little bit of greatness in everybody. For some people it comes with ease and others have to dig down deep for it. The fact is that it is not whether or not you find, but what you do with it when you do.

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