President Bush and Co. out for the green

Bush Sr. started the war with Iraq that killed hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and totally destroyed their infrastructure; Iraqi cities did not have any clean water supply or sewage.

The last time this happened in Iraq the horrifying destruction was brought on by the Mongol Empire. Bush Sr. then put Iraq under the strongest sanctions any country has ever endured, and they have continued for the last decade.

Iraq became the largest concentration camp in the world, with over a million children dying as a result of the sanctions. And Iraq was such an immediate threat that we had to attack them?

Bush Jr., our current commander-in-chief, has once again opened the doors of war in America. Yes, Hussein was an evil dictator that massacred many people, but the Bushes don’t care. They got what they wanted from the Gulf War: Iraq to pull out of Kuwait and Saddam to retain power so that the Iraqi people would not nationalize their oil.

Saddam put down the uprising that Bush Sr. had promoted, and the media made Hussein out as the evil dictator.

I’m a business major at Cal Stat- Long Beach and they don’t teach us about abortion or environmental protection, but about how to make a profit. We learn that there is a sucker born every minute, and our job is to suck every possible penny out of him or her.

When Sept. 11 happened, the Republicans only thought was to see how to make a profit out of it. They decided they were going to rebuild Afghanistan, which is a useless desert land, and when the American people feel good about rebuilding a foreign nation, we’re going to attack Iraq and take their oil.

It is a well-known and widely accepted fact that during wartime, news companies and governmental representatives fuse their voices together into one univocal beam of support for the national military objective. What’s more American than giving the freedom of the press only to those who own a press?

For those who still listen and believe politicians who give speeches or give press interviews still sleep in their own feces of ignorance.

Have we forgotten how many times the government has lied to us and how these lies become more complex and sophisticated every time?

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