Re: Bush and Co. going for the green

My name is Michael Towne, and I am a 1982 graduate of SHSU (BBA-Accounting). I signed up to the Houstonian webpage so that I can keep up with what is going on at SHSU, and also see if the Journalism school that my wife attended is keeping up to the standards that used to be. And I must say I am not impressed. I opened the webpage today and saw a rant from someone about “Bush and Co. going for the green”. What a load of garbage! That unnamed person in the byline did nothing but unload a line of anti-American / anti-Bush liberal swill that is being fed to him from someone else with an agenda. His rants are undocumented at best, and rudimentary at heart. What was worse than that was you decided to pass this off as a legitimate editorial. Please, if anything, learn something from your college experience; do not insult the reader with one-sided, undocumented rantings from a passionate person with an agenda to burn and column inches to fill. I would much rather read documented editorials with substance made by a passionate person educated about the subject he/she is writing about, even if I disagree with them, than the childish, arrogant and uninformed nonsense that you saw fit to publish. Raise your standards to the level I expect of SHSU.

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