Preacher Moss to give a comedic touch to the ‘end of racism’ tonight

Sam Houston State University’s Office of Multicultural and International Student Services, as well as Program Council will host Preacher Moss’ “End of Racism” comedy and lecture tour tonight in the Lowman Student Center Theatre at 7 p.m.

Moss has written for the “Damon Wayans Show,” “Politically Incorrect” and contributed writing credits for “Saturday Night Live,” and “The Chris Rock Show. Appearing on BET “Comicview,” Comedy Central, ABC “Nightline” and numerous other media outlets, Moss takes some of society’s more controversial subjects and uses them in his comedic routine to show the lighter side of serious topics.

Moss’ background was founded after years of helping with and participating in his community.

After eight years of teaching “emotionally disturbed” children, Moss’ views clearly demonstrate that of a person who genuinely believes we all are a part of one community.

Also known as a social services warrior, his style of comedy and life are constant reminders of the everyday problems and dilemmas we deal with regularly.

Wayans has called Moss “the funniest man under 5’6.” Rock describes Moss’ comedy as, “Razor sharp wit, smooth like good jazz.”

Other comedians have praised Moss for his humorous take on life.

“He makes connections on a flat out funny level, but connects to people on a spiritual side too,” “Saturday Night Live” comic Darrell Hammond said. “You forget that you’re an audience member. You become a fan. That’s rare.”

The Office of Multicultural and International Student Services is pleased about the opportunity to have a performer of Moss’ caliber during this week’s Unity Fest.

According to Joy Villereal, the “Unity Fest’s goal is to bring together both campus and community and end racism between students.”

Student fees have paid for the concert allowing free general admission to the student body.

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