Prove me wrong

I have a personal favor to ask each and every student at Sam Houston State University today.

Please, please…support the Bearkats on Wednesday night as they play host to McNeese State at 7 p.m. in Johnson Coliseum.

I want Sam Houston students to prove me wrong when I say that the fan support for the basketball games could use some help.

If you haven’t heard some of the complaints, we suck! SFA, our lone rivals even wrote bad reviews about us in their campus newspaper. Prove to SFA that they’re wrong too.

I want every organization, every fraternity, every sorority and every student to show up for Wednesday’s game.

I have been to too many games, where I’ve seen hundreds of empty seats in the coliseum.

I am now asking everyone to cheer, yell, motivate, lose your voices, or as some say, “get it krunk,” and support our Southland Conference Champions as they win their first playoff game.

Just think, if half of our university, including faculty and staff attended, how much support and motivation the Kats would have.

Home court advantage is a big factor when it comes to winnning in the playoffs and having a big crowd full of support is a huge asset.

Not only does the support help lift the team, the team reacts to the crowd, making the athletes work harder to achieve a win. If the crowd is quiet and uptight, there is no motivation to get out there and again, “get it krunk.”

Last spring we had problems with the band not being there for the games. They fixed the problem and the whole “who the hell is that” sequence they do before announcing the other team’s starting lineup is awesome. Kudos to you! The Couch Potato section also receives an “A” for support appreciation.

If the Bearkats win, on Friday at 3:30 p.m. we will play our second playoff game and it will be televised on ESPN2.

Doesn’t everyone want T-shirts and wiggle sticks?

The men’s team has come too far for everyone to let them down and not do the part that we as fans are supposed to do. This is your chance to give something back and show your appreciation towards the basketball team, your school and our school pride.

Our team is good. Show the guys that you care and that you’re just as interested in them winning the game, as they are trying to win it for all of their fans and themselves.

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