Two kinds of women: typical women and ladies

In the article “Women tend to value relationships over personal responsibilities,” I am disturbed by the comments made by this individual.

Since Mr. Degrate is trying to understand the value that women place on a relationship, I will try to make him understand.

First let me say that women fall under two specific catalogs. There are your typical women and then there are ladies.

Now I understand that you were hurt by a couple of women out there, but a lady would not have done you like that.

A woman does not clearly see that she has a good man in front of her. A lady sees the potential that a man has and works on seeing where she can fit into his life as well as making herself into the lady he needs.

Mr. Degrate if you had prayed and waited for the lady that God will provide for you a little longer, you would not have written an article like this.

Finding a lady is worth all the time and effort you can provide. A lady would not have manipulated you and persuaded you to do as she wanted. You are a person of free will and you allowed yourself to be baited by her.

Romance is a true issue for a lady. She does not need the fancy things in life to make her happy; she looks for the simple things in life. The diamonds and rings in this world don’t make her happy all the time but they are nice sometimes.

Speaking as a lady, I know that a man is not stupid in any way, yet they have the tendency to let women think they are times. I think that if men and women would think before they speak, a lot of unnecessary comments could be avoided and neither sex would think that one was inferior to another.

A woman may forget about her personal responsibilities sometimes, but a lady always tries to be focused on all of her responsibilities i.e. family, religion, education and herself.

A lady can’t seek to find a potential boyfriend or mate if she does not know her assets as well as her faults. A male or female friend for a lady is a jewel that reflects her values and the things she looks for in a mate.

I am sorry Mr. Degrate that you had this problem and I wish that you could have written an article about a lady that treats you the way you deserve to be treated.

Hopefully after reading this article you will have better insight on what to look for the next time.

Pray and let God lead you in the direction where there is a lady with arms wide open ready to receive you and cherish you like the man that you are.

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