Zach’s Bar & Grill: “The Best Buns In Town”

Where can you have home cooked food, cold beer and wrap your hands around the “best buns in town?” The answer is just down the street at Zach’s Bar & Grill.

Part of this unassuming bar and grill’s charm is the hometown atmosphere that is accentuated by its home-cooked food. Lunch guest Gary Scott said it’s not just the food that makes Zach’s special; it’s the whole package.

“I had grilled shrimp pasta salad, and it’s all good,” Scott said.

The unpretentious ambiance of Zach’s seemed to be a reoccurring theme in the attitudes of the patrons. The Bud guy that delivers there every Tuesday and Friday said it is the atmosphere plus the food.

“The girls are really good looking. It’s kind of like Hooters,” said Bud guy.

Sophomore Jessica Cates was walking out with a cheeseburger and fries when she said Zach’s is just a very relaxed place to eat.

“It is one of the better places to have a beer and play pool,” Cates said.

In addition to a variety of dishes, Zach’s makes its own hamburger buns fresh daily. Customers can choose from several kinds of sandwiches that range in variety from a BLT for $4.95 to a Philly Steak Po Boy. All sandwiches are served with French fries or salad. Zach’s also serves seven kinds of hamburgers that start at $3.25 and go to $4.25. If hamburgers don’t do it for you, customers are welcome to try other popular entrees including chicken fried steak and Cajun chicken Alfredo for $6.95.

Chicken salad lovers can rest easy knowing that Zach’s serves grilled chicken salad, Caesar chicken salad and grilled chicken pasta. The dishes sell for $5.25.

Bartender Mikki Roesler, who has worked at Zach’s for over a year said she recommends the chicken Alfredo.

“The grilled pasta is also really good,” Roesler said.

For a limited time Zach’s will be hosting a crawfish boil every Friday at 6 p.m. The meal deal includes crawfish, potatoes and corn for $6.95.

Zach’s is located at 1226 17th St. in Huntsville.

Zach’s owner, Zach Tibiletti, said his Huntsville establishment would be 15 years old in July. Tibiletti said the restaurant’s atmosphere and food is what keeps people coming back. “We have home cooked food at fast food prices,” said Tibiletti.

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