Beer served at games could be beneficial

From the NFL to the lowest of minor league baseball games one thing is constant: watered-down, overpriced beer.Without beer we would not have the pleasure of watching the drunken heckler slur his way through his interpretation of the mating habits of the visiting players’ mothers.Without beer there would be no Raider Nation, Cleveland Dog Pound or any other group of fans that make opposing teams dread coming to their town.There is a large group of people that attend Sam Houston sporting events that are over the age of 21, and I see no problem selling beer as long as the drinking age is enforced. In fact, I would welcome beer sales because I get really nervous sneaking in my pocket flask into sporting events.The University could make a lot of money by selling beer. A beer would usually cost almost as much as a general admission ticket with the standard concession stand markup. This could bring in as much profit as another major seating section without the pesky cost of building more seats. Also, with the general practice of watering down stadium beer, the school could almost double the mileage of each keg they buy.Of course the real gain would be in the zealousness of Bearkat fans. With a little beer to loosen the inhibitions of the Bearkat loyals, Bowers Stadium could become a dreaded stop for other teams. Intimidating fans are the ultimate home field advantage. If the other team is worried about the fans, they won’t be able to stop our ‘Kats.Now, I’m not advocating excessive drinking at games. Having a beer or two and getting loud is not the same as getting sloppy drunk with the Couch Potato crew and throwing empty kegs at the other team’s kicker (sure sounds fun though). I’m all for moderation. I’d just like to see a little more life and a lot more heckling at our football games. Besides, its not like beer isn’t a part of college life already.So, in closing, I think beer should be sold at games as long as the law is practiced and enforced. Now if we can just get those ROTC cannons aimed at the visiting bench…

Billy MauLetter to the Editor

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