This is a response to Tuesday’s letter to the editor from Miss Carabb. I’m surprised to see that someone is brave enough to publicly challenge the topic of reverse discrimination. I do not believe in any sort or discrimination whatsoever, including giving any special priveleges or implementation of any program specifically for the use of one race or exclusion from that program on the basis of race. Our society has absolutely no tolerance for any special treatment of caucasian americans, so why is it considered right to implement a program that exclusively gives scholarships to african american or hispanic students. In High school, i applied for numerous scholarships and was in the top ten percent of my class. Why then was someone who was barely in the top half of my class and did horribly on the SAT awarded a twenty thousand dollar hispanic scholarship just because of his race. I needed that money just as much as he did, because my family could almost be considered poor, and I worked twice as hard in school as that student.Why should race even be condsidered at all? Is that right? Is this what equality is? If it is then i do not believe in equality, no matter how bad that may seem.

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