Garage opens; permit prices decrease

The newly built parking garage opened Monday and allowed students to park in their pre-paid spot, or browse the lot for a space.

The parking permits for personal spots in the garage originally cost $400 but now cost $200 for faculty, staff and students. Colonel Culak of the university police department said prices were lowered because of the amount of time that was left in the fall semester. The garage was supposed to open in October, but since it opened later than expected, the prices have been reduced. If students wish to get a parking permit, they will have to pay $200 and the permit will last until the end of the spring semester.

Only 30 people have bought contracts for the garage so far and there are many spots to give away if students are interested. The garage has about 485 spots compared to the parking lot that was once there which had about 90 spaces. Culak said the area north of the parking garage between the garage and Sorority Hill will return to blue area parking as soon as it’s resurfaced. This will open another 35 parking spaces.

If students do not want to pay for a contract to have their own space in the garage, students can use their Visa, Mastercard or BearkatOne card (with debit capabilities) to park in the garage. Students will be charged an hourly rate, which maxes out at $8 for a 24 hour period.

“Say a student who doesn’t have a paid parking permit for the garage wants to leave a car in the garage for four days, they will be charged $32,” Culak said.

Students who have a parking permit for the garage will need a BearkatOne card to access the garage. However, it is only for identification purposes.

Students must go to the University Police Department if they want to buy a contract to have their own personal space in the parking garage. The UPD has also assured students and faculty that have their own personal spaces in the garage that their space will be available at all times.

The parking garage will be available to students at all hours. Culak said at night the garage will be extremely well lit. Officers and foot patrol will be patrolling the area at night to ensure the safety of all students.

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