Forum covers safety, money issues and teaching quality

It was a night for students to come and ask questions to the administration at Sam Houston State at the ninth Annual BearF.A.C.T.S. (Fielding Academic and Co-Curricular Topics of Students) forum last night in the Kat Klub on the first floor of the Lowman Student Center.

University Administrators from a majority of the departments on campus were in attendance to answer any questions that were raised by students.

Among the administrators in attendance were SHSU President Dr. James Gaertner, University Vice-President for Academic Affairs, Dr. David Payne, University Physical Plant Director Doug Greening, and Dr. Brian Chapman, Dean of the College of Arts Sciences and many others.

Several topics were addressed at the forum including questions on mold problems in Academic Building III, campus safety, tuition and fee Increases scheduled for the spring semester, parking garage, professor qualifications in the radio-television department and the usage of student fees for the athletic department.

In addition, questions regarding the delay of reopening Jackson-Shaver Hall were answered by residence life director JoEllen Tipton.

Gaertner was pleased to have this opportunity to come and talk to the students.

“I think that this is a great opportunity for students to meet with the various administrators, and we want to hear the students’ concerns and it gives us an opportunity to explain policies and to clear up misconceptions,” said Gaertner.

LaTasia Turner, SGA Student Life Committee Chair and coordinator for this forum was glad to see many students in attendance.

“I was very pleased about the turnout,” said Turner, whose committee had been planning the event since the end of August.

Sophomore Jared Fischer was pleased with SGA’s effort on the event.

“I believe that the Student Government Association did the best effort they could have,” said Fischer.

However, other students were not so pleased with the answers presented, with one student calling it a “horse and pony show.”

Junior Jason Plotkin didn’t feel that there should have been more time for questions to be answered by administrators.

“I think there wasn’t enough time for questions because time was limited and from talking to other students they felt the same way,” said Plotkin.

Freshman Amelia Lesniak felt that there could have been better answers to students’ questions.

“I don’t feel they answered the questions adequately according to the students’ needs,” said Lesniak.

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