Ignorant statements overstep boundaries

Racism is alive and well in the year 2003. Its everywhere you look no matter where you go. Just to prove my point all you have to do is read the last few editions of the Houstonian. I have read all of the responses, and they all seem logical in their own way, except the “N Word” article. One of the most ignorant statements in the article had to be that black people gave themselves the name “nigger.” It was given to our ancestors by their slave masters to put us down. In today’s society black people have turned the phrase into an empowerment term as well as changing it into “nigga.” Not saying that it’s right to call each other that but now it’s like a slap in the face to those who created it. No one outside of the black race should use the word out of respect. It’s not cute or cool for other races, especially whites, to use the term. Just the same for blacks saying “kracker.” For Ms. Carrabb to not be offended by someone calling her “kracker” makes her ignorant. The term used outside of the race is a put down regardless if it’s a friend or not. Also, anyone who has to justify their relationship with other races by how many they know or how many have visited their home has race issues. We should all get along but also know that there are certain boundaries that should not be crossed. We all need to wake up and realize that racism and slavery mentality is still around and hopefully one day it will be gone but that day is not today! I’m not racist, just aware!

Letter to the EditorIshme Allah

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