Not Following Rules: Should she have won Queen?

Following the Homecoming Election last week, one contender for the queen’s crown argued the winner was not eligible to win the position.

Runner-up junior Tarsha Hardy said Homecoming Queen Bethany Duncan’s nomination should not have been legitimate since she did not attend a mandatory meeting for all king and queen contestants.

“It’s not that I have a personal problem with Bethany,” Hardy said. “It’s just that I understood that if you were not at the meeting you could not run.”

Student Government Association Vice President Betsy Dominguez said she found out about the issue from an anonymous phone call.

“The controversy with that is she didn’t show up,” Dominguez said. “She told me she wouldn’t be there way in advance, and she had a representative in her place.”

Dominguez met with SGA Election Commission Chair Keneshe Butler and both decided that Duncan had a valid reason to not be present.

Despite Duncan’s excuse for not attending, Hardy said she made some personal adjustments to her own schedule to make sure she could attend.

“I know some people personally who wanted to run for Homecoming Queen who knew they would not be able to attend the meeting,” Hardy said.

Hardy said her biggest problem was that the SGA made an exception for one person without informing other people who couldn’t attend the meeting.

“If you’re going to notify one person that you’re going to be able to accommodate their needs, then it should be made known to everyone,” she said.

Hardy said she is not concerned about the possibility that some may assume her complaint is just “sour grapes” about coming in second place.

“I know I had support from many people,” Hardy said. “A lot of people came up to me and said that they didn’t feel the process was implemented fairly.”

Dominguez said that complaints about the Homecoming election process and results are common, but that she was happy that they were not a major issue this year.

“There’s a problem every year, but this is the first time in a while that we haven’t had any petitions,” Dominguez said.

She added that the lack of petitions means there should be no election scandal this year.

“Since there was no petitions, there will be no run-off votes,” she said.

Dominguez also praised the Homecoming King and Queen on their victory.

“I just want to say congratulations to Bethany and T.J. on being crowned,” Dominguez said.

Duncan said that she has only heard the complaints from third person parties, and that she is actually happy to know that her victory is inspiring such a reaction from students.

“I find it flattering that people want to rally against me,” she joked.

To Duncan, winning the crown only validated what she already knew about herself and that all the other contestants who were equally motivated should also feel good about themselves.

“I feel anyone who is about their business is already a queen so there’s no need for a cat fight,” Duncan said.

Duncan said that many people have congratulated her on her accomplishment, and that she is grateful for the people who contributed to the election.

“I’d like to thank anyone on campus that supported Homecoming 2003 in any positive aspect,” she said.

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