Shocking’ editorial provides evidence that racism still exists

I was shocked at how ignorant the individual who wrote dropping the bomb on the “N” word sounded. How can she say she doesn’t understand why a person of color is still offended by the “N” word? Like it or not in our beautiful country, full of freedom to believe in what you believe in and freedom to express yourself, racism still exists. And so while the “N” word has changed meaning in every sense there are still individuals out there who use the word and mean to use the word to degrade black people. White people say the word Kracker doesn’t offend them but the “N” word was and is still used by whites to makes black people feel inferior. So when someone hollas out “Kracker,” and you laugh. When I here someone holla out the “N” word with that “er”at the end of it, and I act out of character, don’t get mad at me and say “she can’t take a joke” cause the joke is one you honey.I am a young black lady, and yes, when I’m with my home girls and homeboys the “N” word ending in “a” is used frequently but even we know there is a time and a place for the word. The writer before made it seem as if we just go around just using the word freely. In my household, with my parents and stuff, the word can’t be said. I’m just expressing my views on the matter, and it still has to be said, it probably will never be okay for a white person to use the “N” word in the presence of a black person. Chew on that

Letter to the EditorAnya Phillip

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