Three names chosen for South-side dining

According to a news release on the university’s Web page, Bearkat Caf’, Eat ’em up Kafe’ and SouthPaw have been chose as finalists for the naming of the campus’ new south-side dining facility.

The students who submitted these names are Barbara Roberts (Eat ’em up Kafe’), Andy DiMambro, Jessica Gallow, Jason Plotkin (Bearkat Caf’), and Kara-Lea Roberts (SouthPaw).

“(The facility is on) the south side of campus and I figured that since the main food court is called the Paw Print, why not call it SouthPaw,” said Kara-Lea Roberts. “I figured it’s a little more creative than Caf Belvin.”

Barbara Roberts thinks that hers inspires school spirit.

“I think mine is a good name. It’s a bit different and it promotes school spirit and school pride,” said Roberts.

A total of 174 entries were received in early October and then voted on by students and faculty on Oct. 20-21. The Board of Regents will decide the final winner during their quarterly meeting with their decision set to be announced on Nov. 21.

The release also stated that “the student(s) who submitted the winning name will receive $100 Bearkat Express and the student(s) who submitted the other two finalist names will each win $50 Bearkat Express.” If multiple students have submitted the winning name then the prize will be split among them.

For any questions regarding the contest, contact Dana Grant at 294-1816.

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