Re: the ‘N’ word

I’m not sure if there’s something in the water or if it’s just the southern air, but there seems to be a lot of ignorance going around campus. I take that back. We can’t blame everyone for the naivete of a few individuals. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you obviously didn’t read Tuesday’s Houstonian. Fresh from the Confederate underground was an article entitled ” Dropping the bomb on the ‘N’ word.” The author, Candace Carrabb, who obviously has been deprived of attention, argues that black people shouldn’t be offended when they hear a white person say the ‘N’ word. She points out that ” when a person calls me a kracker I think it is funny.” At this point, I would like to have a moment of silence for the deaths of the countless brain cells that might have contributed to intelligent thought in her article. Is it not obvious why the ‘N’ word is more offensive than the word kracker. The word “Kracker” or ” Cracker” has not been used for hundreds of years to demean white people or people of European descent. I only know the word to refer to an edible instrument often accompanied by cheese or tuna. Did you not take the freshman level history courses offered by this fine institution? If you did, you would have known that blacks were enslaved in this country for hundreds of years. This process of the subjugation of African peoples was done not only through physical force, but through verbal degradation. Black people were dehumanized and part of that dehumanization was done through the use the word “nigger”. This word conveyed hated toward a people who were viewed as inhumane and inferior. I see no humor in that Candice. If you ask the two black people you know, they probably feel the same way. I will agree that I have heard people of many different ethnicities use this term in the casual sense, but that doesn’t necessarily make it less offensive. I personally don’t want to be called the ‘N’ word by anyone. And I’m sure that not too many Jews care to see the swastika on t-shirts, regardless of whether it is supposedly cool these days. Candace concluded her article by stating ” If I’m not mistaken, and I’m not, black people gave themselves the word, not white people.” If there was any merit in any of her other statements, there was certainly none in the last. How could anyone believe such a blatant lie! To spare words and time, I will again refer Candace to the history department. Tonight I hope that everyone who prays will dedicate just a few minutes to Candace. Maybe one day she’ll figure things out.

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