It is a sad day when humans can’t agree that the ultimate goal of life is to pursue higher attainments and not be bogged down with debates over the relevance of slavery and it’s position in society. Mr. Stanaland, I digress in responding to your opinionated argument that lacks of the essence of fact. Yes, we all know that the Constitution is open to interpretation by us all, but I have never heard your name mentioned as one of the accepted interpretors of the book of American laws.

Within your idea that slavery does not exist, lies the root of our problems: the failure to accept the reality that we all bow down to a power source greater than ourselves. When and only when we acknowledge this, will we be able to focus our conversation and debate on the feeding of future seeds as opposed to the degree to which their potentiality differs.

Regardless, this still does not exscape the greatest crime in history.howard

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